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GLAS-0803     Footed Pitcher

Pretty three piece mold footed pitcher is 7" high, has a thumb print design around the top and a scalloped edge. It has a design around the body and a tapered shape from 2" at the bottom to 4" wide at the top. The base flares out from 2" to 3 3/4". I can find absolutely no cracks or chips and the glass is bright and shiny.


Footed Pitcher
GLAS-0804    Pressed Two Piece Punch Bowl

Beautiful two piece punch bowl. The bowl is 12" in diameter x 5" deep. The base is 6 1/2" wide x 6" high. The overall height is 10". It is in perfect condition and the glass is bright and shiny. There are no cracks or chips. Both the bowl and base have a saw toothed edge - which is perfect.


Punch Bowl
GLAS-0805     Unusual Pressed Tri-Cornered Bowl

Beautiful tri-cornered bowl. This is a very unusual shaped bowl. There are three sides and they turn up like a tri-cornered hat. It measures 10 1/2" corner to corner and is 3 1/2" high. It has a six sided base which has some minor chipping along the edge - not unusual for a piece of this age. The rest of the bowl has no cracks or chips and the saw tooth edge looks perfect - the glass is very bright and shiny.


Tri-cornered Bowl
GLAS-0806    Child's Punch Bowl Set

Child's pressed glass punch bowl set has four cups. The bowl measures 4 1/2" diameter x 4 1/4" high. The cups are 1 1/2" dia.(plus handles) x 1 1/4" high. Other than four chips along the saw tooth edge of the bowl, it is in excellent condition - no other chips or cracks. The cups are excellent except for some minor chips along the rims.


Child's Punch Bowl
GLAS-0807    Scalloped Compote

Pair of beautiful classic glass compotes have a scalloped top edge. The top measures 6" across, the base is 4 3/8" across and they are 8" high. Condition - excellent shows no wear.

$40 each or 2/$75.       

GLAS-0808    Hand Blown Amber Basket

This cute little hand-blown basket is 3 1/4" high by 3" wide. It is amber in color and in perfect condition. The only mark on this piece is the mark on the bottom which shows it is hand blown


Amber Basket

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