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ETCA-1701       Benioff Fur Reception Desk

Reception desk from Allentown furrier which closed. Benioff's Furs was at 10th and Hamilton Streets as long as I can remember. This desk stood in the fur salon. It is blue with a plastic top which protects the top of the desk. It is in excellent condtion and measures 29 1/2" H. x 29" W x 16" D.


Benioff Furs
ETCA-1702       Wine Rack

Large wine rack purchased in the 1960's at C. Leslie Smith in Allentown, PA. This rack holds 67 bottles of wine and stands six feet tall. It is 17" wide and 12" deep.


Wine Rack
ETCA-1703    Set of Three Deco Style Lucite Shoe Displays

These lucite displays are from a shoe store that was in business over 50 years. The displays have some age, but I don't know how old they are. The triangular base is 6" x 6" x 6", has a beveled edge and is 3/8" thick. On top of the base is a smaller triangle with a beveled edge - 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 2 1/2", is 3/8" thick. The rod that holds the display part is 5/8" thick and is 3/4" at the top and 1 1/2" at the bottom. The shelves that hold the shoes are 6 1/2" long, the width is 3 3/4" at the one end to 5" at the other end and is 1/3" thick. Two of the displays are 12 1/2" tall and have designed at each end of the rod. The other one is 11 1/2" tall and has a design at the bottom only of the rod. All measurements are approximate. They are in good condition, but could use a cleaning. The shelves are completely adjustable.


Art Deco Shoe Displays
ETCA-1705     One Vintage Shoe Display

This lucite display is from a shoe store that was in business over 75 years. The display is definitely vintage, but I don't know how old it is. The base is made of enamelled metal tubing with a three footed base which measures 7" x 7" x 7". At the end of the tubes are round caps. Where the three legs meet there is a knob of lucite with a top and bottom cap and a brass bead on top. From there the tube extends to hold the lucite display shelf. The height is 12". The shelf that holds the shoes is 7" long, the width is 4 1/2" at the one end to 5 1/2" at the other end and is 1/3" thick. The enamel is worn, but could be re-enamelled. It looks as if it can be completely taken apart to work on the finish. I personally like it in the original condition, so I didn't re-do it. Other than the worn enamel, it is in good condition. There are two pictured, however only one is available.


Old Shoe Stand
ETCA-1712      Small Vintage Sewing Box

Small wooden sewing box has a rolltop which slides open. It has the color of oak and the rolltop has alternating strips of light oak and dark brown. It has a plain interior with a small shelf. It measures 7 3/4" long, 7 1/2" high and 5 3/4" wide. It has a carrying handle. Click HERE for open view.


Small Sewing Kit
ETCA-1713     Lucite Chest of Drawers

This lucite chest is 10" wide X 8 1/4" high X 6" deep. It has four mirror front drawers that measure 9 1/4" wide x 1 3/4" high x 5 5/8" deep. Each drawer has two small lucite pulls. It would be perfect on a lady's dresser to hold small items, i.e. jewelry, cosmetics, etc. Also, it would be a great piece to show a collection because other than the mirror fronts, this piece is entirely lucite. Now, there are navy blue velvet bottoms in the drawers that can be removed easily. The piece is not in perfect condition - there are some minor marks on the top which, I believe, could be rubbed out with a plastic cleaner. There are three cracks within the lucite on the bottom. To see the bottom Click Here. Three drawers are perfect, one has a small crack on the side. The mirrored fronts are perfect. The cracks that are within the lucite are in locations which are not very noticeable.


Lucite Chest
ETCA-1714     Brown Suede-Like Jewelry Envelopes

The dark brown suede-like fabric is in the shape of an envelope with a fold over flap. The size is 9 1/4" long x 2" wide and there are brass tips on the corners. These would be excellent for bracelets, watches, chains, etc. They are new and have never been used. Package of 4 dozen.


Suede Envelopes
ETCA-1715     Red Tom Thumb Toy Cash Register

This is a wonderful toy cash register in excellent condition. Red metal, keys intact, numbers readable. Tom thumb label intact on front of cash drawer. Tom's picture - Tom Thumb Cash Register - Pat. No. 1906361, other pats pending. Made in USA, Western Stamping Co., Jackson, MIch. Cash drawer works great and rings when it opens! Approx. 7 1/2" tall. This is truly a great toy!


Tom Thumb

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