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Our customers are NUMBER ONE!

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Comments from our customers:

Hi Judith, Received the head vase in today's mail. She's a beaut!
Thank you so much. Sue Wilkin...... Feb 24, 2001

Hi Judie, I received my beautiful robe today, and I'm very pleased. It's the exact duplicate of the one my mother bought me about twenty odd years ago. Same color, same size, same Vanity Fair robe in every way. I never thought I'd find another one, and I knew I had to have it when I saw it on your auction. Thanks for having it. And thanks for sending it so quickly. I will leave very positive feedback for. Thank you for your leaving such nice feedback for me. I hope our paths cross again! Much good luck on Ebay.
Warmest regards, Yvonne...... Jan 10, 2001

Hi Judie, Earrings arrived safe and sound. Posted feedback for you and hope you do the same again in the future.
Thanks for smooth transaction. Judy ...... Jan 09, 2001

Thanks so much for the info!! You were very prompt. :)
...... Jan 01, 2001

Judie, I got the set, and it's great! I have posted positive feedback.
Thanks for everything! Apryl...... Jan 05, 2001

Judith, Thanks for the prompt delivery of the Rapunzel Barbie. She arrived in excellent condition, and will make a nice addition to one of my granddaughters collections.
Thanks, Donna...... Nov 01, 2000

Plate received today in excellent condition. Thanks much.
Positive feedback left for you. Sandy Reynolds...... Sept 28, 2000

Hi Judie, The bootee arrived today in the mail and i'm very happy with my purchase. Thanks for your remarks on ebay and I left the same for you. good luck with your business and hopefully we'll meet again.
Ted ...... Sept. 25, 2000

Clown arrived today. Mint condition. Thanks for your service. Positive feedback has been submitted for you with E-Bay.
Thanks again, Beverley ...... Sept. 20. 2000

Merry Meet! I will have the money sent to you at paypal now. Thanx ever so much. Brghtest Blessings to you and yours!
Maidens Fare ...... Sept 17, 2000

THANKS Larry ...... July 12, 2000

I received the pin today. It is lovely. thank you for offering it to me!!!
Thanks, Diana ...... July 11, 2000

Hi Judie! I did receive the pin and it is wonderful. I will indeed reciprocate on the positive feedback. It was a pleasure meeting you!
Cindy ...... July 4, 2000

Hi Judie, The Napier bracelet arrived yesterday. It is as lovely as promised. I also appreciate all the extra care you put into its safe packaging!!! I will leave positive feedback this weekend for you. HOpe all is well with yuo. Let me know if you come across some antique horse-theme lockets/fobs in gold.
Sincerely, Dalyn ...... June 22, 2000

Hi Judie, I received the necklace and it is beautiful. It looks like an antique diamond necklace! Iwant to leave your feedback but can't remember your EBAY name. Please send it to me.
Thanks, Wanda Fricks ...... May 5, 2000

Judie, I am happy I won the auction - I am planning to wear the bracelet at my wedding in June.
Jennifer...... May 01, 2000

Hi, got the necklace today and it is gorgeous.
Marianne...... Apr 18, 2000

I received the pin. It is beautiful. Thanks for everything!
Jackie ...... April 12, 2000

Just a note to let you know pin arrived in good shape. I have posted positive feedback for you, please dothe same if you feel it is warranted.
thanks, Char ...... March 31, 2000

Hi Judie, The super-cute pin came in todays mail. Thank you so very much for the special fast delivery of this pin. It is as cute as I thought it would be and it looks very nice on my "vest of sweetheart pins". Thank you, also, for your best wishes for me and my husband. We certainly send you our best wishes too. I am leaving, with pleasure, a positive feedback for you.
Thank you, Shirley ...... March 10, 2000

Hi judy, i'm thrilled to get this pin. thanks for the fast contact. If I could ask a favor of husband will be installed as president of the local chapter of the Korean War veteran's Association on March 16. I would like to have this pin by that time. (I know the mail service has a lot to say about that.) If you would drop the pin in the mail when you get the money order there would be a chance that it would arrive by that time. I would really appreciate your help.
thanks, Shirley...... Mar 02, 2000

Dear Judie, Your package arrived today. The earrings are fine, and just as you described. Thank yuo for the accurate photo of them on your auction site. I have left you a positive feedback entry.
Sincerely, Nanzy Ziegler ...... March 1, 2000

That pin is absolutely fabulous...I think it is the finest florenze I've ever seen. I am so glad I got it. I am sorry I dont leave feedback first anymore, but I have just gotten burned twenty times by sellers not leaving feedback. I am envious of all my friends of the jewelry board who are teal! They keep pulling for me...but alas, I can only bid on so many thing!! hehe
Patty ...... March 1, 2000

Dear Judie, Received the bracelet. It is very nice,
Thanks, Ruby ...... February 29, 2000

OLGA...... February 28, 2000

Judie...the pin arrived last week and since I have been flat of my back for about eight days with the flu...I was thrilled to arrive this morning at work and find the beautiful pin. I will post positive feedback for you tonight.
Patty ...... February 28, 2000

Hi Judie, the pin arrived today. It is absolutely beautiful. It is even prettier than it looked on ebay. I am so very pleased with it. I left feedback for you. My only regret is there was not more room to rave more on ebay about how great the pin is and your wonderful service. Thank you so much for the fast shipment and the superb packaging. I will be very proud to wear this pin. I have the perfect outfit to wear it with, too, to bring out its colors. Again. Thanks. It has been a pleasure. I will check in again.
Sybil ...... February 18, 2000

Hello Judie, It's so nice to meet you again. I am the high bidder on the rhinestone leaf pin. Many greetings, Martina......Feb 02, 2000

Dear Judie - Thanks so much!! I know I'll love the piece!!!
Maria...... January 28, 2000

Hi Judie! As usual THE BEST stuff on ebay!! I have bid on several pins, but would like to know the reserve on the horse and the heart with the red flower like design...I am going away on business an do not want to miss thme if possible.
Best regards, Suzanne Kardis ...... January 22, 2000

THANKS, KATSGEMS...... January 23, 2000

Necklace, bracelet and earrings arrived yesterday. They are beautiful. I will be posting positive feedback for you and hope you will do the same for us. Our ebay name is davlyn2.
Thanks, Lynne...... January 6, 2000

Judie, Hi there, dear. This is to say thank you for the lovely bee pin and earrings. I love the colors and I am partial to bug pins. Thanks for writing and checking. It just came today. I left you positive feedback on ebay just a few moments ago. Please if you think I treated you okay, do the same for me. Thanks again and I will watch your auctions. Have a great evening.
Thanks, Fonda jewelrylady007...... January 3, 2000

Hi Judy, I just got back from 2 1/2 weeks of visiting my granddaughter, so I'm not sure if I let you know the pin arrived. I think it arrived right around the time we were leaving. Anyway, I really like it--I know I have a necklace and bracelet, but I'm not sure about the earrings. I'll be leaving positive feedback for you and will continue to check your auctions. Take care and happy New Year,
Renee ...... January 3, 2000

OLGA L. CAZARES ...... December 29, 1999

Received package today. It was worth waiting for. It was a Christmas present to a friend of mine, and we were exchanging gifts today. She loved it.
Thanks, Pamela Kolbe ...... December 22, 1999

GORGEOUS!!!!!! As ALways, what a pleasuer dealing with you!! Have a Wonderful Holiday and Happy and healthy New Year.
Regards, Suzanne...... December 22, 1999

Dear Judie, It gives me great pleasure to enclose payment for the black and gold Hobe necklace. I know that the necklace will give me great pleasure for years to come! With Warm Regards during the Holiday Season, Maria ...... Dec 20,99

Hi Judie: The beads arrived in fine shape -- I love them! I will also add smiles to your feedback! Thank you and best wishes for the holidays,
Kathy ...... December 15, 1999

Hi Judie, Just wanted you to know tht the moonstone pin arrived here safe and sound. It's just beautiful! I will leave you positive feedback. Thanks again and Happy Holidays!
Ginger ...... December 13, 1999

Happy Holiays Judie, I received the bracelet on my birthday and I love it! The photo didn't come close to showing what a great piece it is and I'm soooo glad I was the high bidder. So thank you very much for offering it on ebay and it has a new, permanent home with me. :o) Take care, have a great holiday season, an even better New Year and I hope we can do this again.
Sincerely, Kay...... December 11, 1999

Judie-The Grosse pin is wonderful. That is what I call "mint condition". I will be sure to leave positive feedback. What exactly is Valley Home Shopping? I'd like to know more. I'll be sure to leave positive feedback, and hope to do business with you again soon.
Thanks, Dave ...... December 4, 1999

Dear Judie: The fire helmet pin arrived today. It is so cute and will be given to a female firefighter friend. Thanks again and I did leave you a positive feedback.
Jeanette Forrest, Dearborn Heights, MI...... December 2, 1999

Dear Judie, My Claudette bracelet arrived today and I couldn't be happier. It is beautiful and just like new. It has been a pleasure and I have left positive feedback for you. Let's do this again!
Until Then, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, Gail...... December 1, 1999

Hi Judy, I received the Coro set today. What a great set! Thank you for a smooth and speedy transaction. I will leave positive feedback for you on Ebay. Happy Holidays!
Sincerely, Kathy Owens ...... November 26, 1999

Dear Judie, Received the pin today and it is great!!!! Left positive feedback. Hope to do business with you again. Thanks so much and have a great weekend!!!!
Maggie ...... November 26, 1999

Judy-This is one of the nicest pieces of costume I've seen on Ebay. I own a retil antique shop in southern Delaware and specialize in costume jewelry. Hope that you have a happy Thanksgiving.
Dave Mayer "costume king" ...... November 24, 1999

Thanks Judy e-bay has my responce..I could tell you are top notch.
Mark ...... November 22, 1999

Hello Judie: Just wanted to let you know the silvertone pin arrived all safe and sound. It's wonderful! Exactly what I needed. Positive feedback is winging its way to eBay for you.
Thanks again, Cynthia Elrod ...... November 21, 1999

hi i received earrings. they look great. i will leave positive feedback for you.
karen ...... November 18, 1999

Hello Judie, the clips arrived today, they are absolutely beautifull, I had to go to a Vernissage tonight and I wore them on a black top. It looked great. I'll put them in the shop tomorrow. I'll leave feedback to you. Please leave feedbackfor me too if you don't mind.
Thanks again and greetings, Martina ...... November 11, 1999

Dear Judie, The "wave" pin arrived today and was exactly what I expected - only a little bigger. It will look nice with suits. Thanks again for a terrific eBay transaction. I will leave positive feedback for you. Please do the same for me.
thanks again, Cathy (cls2647) ...... November 10, 1999

Hi Judie, I received the bracelet today - it's stunning!!! Thanks so much for a wonderful item & the great packaging & service. I was happy to leave you feedback (thanks for the feedback you left me). Best of luck to you on ebay and also your site - I will be sure to visit!
Tammy ...... November 2, 1999

Hello, Judie! The package arrived Monday and I absolutely love these earrings! The way they curve along the ear really looks nice and, wow, what sparkle! I certainly will treasure them for many years. I will post positive feedback for you tonight. Thanks, again for such a great eBay transaction and, hopefully, we'll do business again sometime!
Warm regards, Mary (dog-mom) ...... October 26, 1999

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